From the “Great Resignation” to the Great Retention

Updated: Oct 20

Overhead view of a woman with her head in her hand. She has her elbow resting on an open notebook. In front of her is a laptop and a planner. Photo courtesy of energepic from Pexels.
I just can't take this any more!

The Great Resignation.

Those of us in HR have been seeing this title splashed across a great many posts and articles in the last little while. With good reason—there is a veritable tsunami of employee movement happening in the world right now.

The Great Resignation refers to the record 9.2 million job openings created as droves of Americans quit their jobs. Employees across industries have been surveyed to find out why people are leaving their jobs:

· 48% of people have thought about changing careers in the last year

· 63% of people with bad managers are thinking of leaving in the next year

One of the key factors in their decisions is psychological safety.

Psychological safety is the belief you can be who you are at work, voice your opinions and concerns, and ask questions or admit mistakes. When people feel psychologically safe at work, they are comfortable being themselves. HR has talked a lot, over the past few years, about people feeling free to bring their whole selves to work. When they do, they