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You have questions, and we have answers. 

Here are the questions we get asked the most about soft skills training. 

What are "soft skills"? 

Soft skills are non-technical, interpersonal skills that make all the difference in how you interact with colleagues, customers, your friends, and family... all the people you engage with in work and life. They include skills like communication, listening, time management, empathy, relationship- building, adaptability, resilience, etc.  It used to be that soft skills were no big deal to employers, but that's really changed. Now, they're often the most sought-after skills. According to the World Economic Forum, these are the skills of the future, so are well worth learning and applying. 

Why are soft skills so important for managers? 

Technical skills are rarely enough to be fully effective as a manager. Managers must be able to listen to employees, understand them, communicate effectively with them, and adapt and flex when required. This can be pretty tough. After all, nobody learns this stuff in business school. That's where our training comes in. 

What will I learn in manager training

C-Change Learning and Development offers two management training streams - one for new managers (or those on track to be managers) and one for existing people leaders. Learning to Lead, for new managers, will cover making the transition from peer to boss, and then will go into such topics as feedback, delegation, coaching, and the one on one conversation. Leading with RESPECT, our flagship program, works with participants on how to build real and productive relationships with their team members, diving into such areas of thought as empathy, building trust, career development, and empowering others. 

Regardless of which training option is chosen, all courses include lecture, activities, opportunities for discussion in groups and in pairs, and application and practice. 

How do you deliver training? Can I take it virtually? In person?

With the Covid-19 pandemic being a very real factor in how we do business today, most of our clients prefer virtual delivery. This has the added benefit of being delivered to you, wherever you are. Once it is safe to do so, our courses can be delivered in person, at your workplace. 

Where does training take place? 

Virtual training is delivered via Zoom. If training is done in person, it takes place in your office, or a venue to suit. 

Who should attend soft skills training?

While our manager training is aimed at people leaders, our customer service and professional development courses are great for everyone! If you're someone who could use some soft skills training (and that's pretty much all of us), reach out and let's discuss options. A la carte training is also available. We've created custom training options before for our clients and we'd be happy to do the same for you! 

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