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We know that people don't leave their jobs - they leave their managers. We're here to fix that. By working collaboratively with managers, we equip  them with the tools they need to  retain and engage the people who report to them.

C-Change Learning and Development  works with companies, and their managers, to create people-centered workplaces. We offer training in the areas of manager development, leadership, customer service, and coaching. Contact us today to make positive change happen in your workplace. 

Laura Sukorokoff is a seasoned public speaker, facilitator, training manager and author with over 20 years of experience in working with organizations to develop leadership, communication, customer and client service skills through coaching, facilitation and strategy.
Laura is a firm believer that everyone has strengths they bring to business and she works with managers to help them maximize those strengths in themselves and their teams.

Laura Sukorokoff, Founder and People Maximizer

I understand it can be a challenge, sometimes, to connect with your team members and with your customers. 

I get it! I've been a manager, and I know what you're going through. 

That's why I established this company. I provide managers with the education, tools, and resources they need to engage and inspire their team members. 

Whether I'm guiding managers to do great work with their teams, or working with front-line staff to delight their customers, I've got expertise and real-world knowledge to bring to your people.  

First I fell into learning and development, and then I fell in love with it. 

Let me bring my bold, warm, humorous approach to learning and development to your team. 

C-Change Learning and Development is dedicated to making workplaces more human-centered and great places to be! We envision a day when all managers will feel equipped to support their people and do great work!

Our Core Values


C-Change Learning is dedicated to the success of every person who we support. We seek a more human-centered approach to workplace management and will work tirelessly to support managers in their attempts to deliver it.


We value our clients, colleagues, family, and friends. They are the source of our success and our strength. In return, we offer our support in the achievement of their success. We are grateful to all who work with us.


We believe in the power of engagement and its ability to change workplaces everywhere. We will demonstrate this belief by encouraging the ideas and ideals of the people and companies we work with.


We believe in the worth of all individuals who contribute to workplaces everywhere. We exist to communicate the need for diversity in all its forms, inclusion in every way, and esteem for the excellence of people.

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New Westminster, BC Canada

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