One-On-One Conversation Template

Use this template as a framework for your one-on-one conversations. Ideally, you'll hold these conversations weekly. If that's not possible, commit to holding them monthly, at a minimum. Take notes from your conversation in the space provided, and be sure to refer back to those notes in future conversations. This really demonstrates the importance you placed on the conversation.

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Early Praise for It's Not Them, It's You

“The author has focused on what I deem to be the bedrock behavior of good leadership---showing respect.  There are many variations of this theme and ways of saying it, and this book gives concrete examples and lays out the fundamentals clearly and coherently.  A perfect book for the new manager to use as a checklist for shaping their behavior.”


- John H. Zenger, co-author of the best-selling The New Extraordinary Leader.

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5 Ways to Connect With  Your 

Team Members

Managers often feel they have to be so… well… managerial. But that doesn’t mean they have to be aloof and removed from their teams. In fact, employees really want to have a positive relationship with their managers.

Taking some time to connect with your employees will improve their engagement, but it will also make you a better leader. Download 5 Ways to Connect With Your Team Members to learn how you can build connections with your team. 

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