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It's Not Them, It's You

It's Not Them, It's You

is available now! 

" It was a wonderful read. I love that you made it very practical and simple. It isn't overly complex and the actions are something that I really believe all leaders can take away and apply almost immediately."

 - Mandi Christensen, Director of Learning and Development,

“The author has focused on what I deem to be the bedrock behavior of good leadership---showing respect.  There are many variations of this theme and ways of saying it, and this book gives concrete examples and lays out the fundamentals clearly and coherently.  A perfect book for the new manager to use as a checklist for shaping their behavior.”


- John H. Zenger, co-author of the best-selling The New Extraordinary Leader.


In this book, you will learn the seven steps to solving retention and engagement issues in the workplace, with RESPECT at their core.

1. Develop a Relationship with the people on your team.
2. Have Empathy for those with whom you work.
3. Support the members of your team.
4. Promote the ideas of your team members.
5. Empower your team members to be great on their own terms.
6. Have Consideration for their feelings.
7. Trust them, and be trustworthy yourself.

By utilizing the powerful tool presented in this book, these seven steps can be implemented immediately, and managers can improve just about any situation related to employee engagement and retention.

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