An employee's  relationship with their manager is the most important factor in employee engagement. 

How are your managers doing with that?

Your managers could use

some help.

That's what I'm here for. 


C- Change Learning and Development provides the soft skills training

your managers, and their teams, need to be great!

Using experience gained in real-life, hands-on work with teams in a multitude of industries, C-Change Learning and Development provides the guidance for managers to connect with their teams and

inspire them to do great work! 

Soft skills are actually pretty hard skills to learn. Yet, they're the most essential skills for managers to have. 

"The jobs that have grown most consistently over the past two decades are those combining strong technical know-how with a single powerful characteristic: being nice.

Social skills, or the ability to “play well” with others, is vital.

- World Economic Forum

Are you a manager who is struggling to connect with your team?

Are employee engagement, soft skills, and emotional intelligence a challenge for you?

I can help! 

When Women Turn On Each Other - VANWIT19


Engaging and Inspiring

I am a seasoned presenter and have spoken to audiences ranging in size from very small to… well… rather large. I speak about business issues that affect the people of the company. Some call these "soft skills" but I call them "Power Skills". 

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Hands-On Deep Dive

There are times when you need a more hands-on approach. Trust Laura to listen to you and your team and create a strategy and programs  to do great work and get stuff done! 

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Clapping Audience


Get Ready to Take Action!

Speaking on stage is a great way to get my message out, but workshops are the best way to really connect with my audience. During these interactive, hand-on events, I explore issues that are top of mind for people in workplaces everywhere, and provide tools to excel in these areas. 

What People Are Saying

"I really appreciated how thoughtfully and methodically you presented useful info on being a better manager. From appropriate games, to real world examples, to actionable items to use... it all came together to be a powerful tool moving forward (as opposed to just being lectured to). "


Meredith - Workshop Participant

I can confidently say that Laura is one of the most passionate, professional and articulate trainers in the industry, with her out-of-the-box approach and collaborative communication style. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Laura for any group training, leadership or public speaking engagement!

Oren - Financial Executive

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The Sales Hat Series: Soft Skills (Power Skills) for Navigating the New Normal

Live and interactive, each virtual instructor led course features in-depth conversation around opportunities and challenges you can expect in a post-COVID environment. Learn new, innovative ways to sell yourself, your product or your service, and surpass your chosen KPIs…even from a distance.

When you combine her training effectiveness, curriculum development and connecting with her participants she is simply the very best. Her integrity and personality put her in a class by herself.

Ed - General Manager