What Do Employees Want from the Workplace?

Updated: Apr 14

There’s always a lot of talk about generations in the workplace. Some researchers would have us believe there are great generational divides. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as far as engagement in the workplace is concerned.

There’s a danger in painting people with a generational brush. Writing off entire swaths of people because they’re too young to possibly know how to do anything, or too old to be able to figure things out any more, puts a company at risk of not having the right talent for the job. To me (a woman of a “certain age”) the idea that age discrimination starts as early as 35 is laughable. If that’s the case, that leaves a pretty small window for someone to start working and make a mark in their career before they’re written off as being too old.

Anyway, enough of the ageism rant… Let’s switch back to what people of different generations want in the workplace.

Gallup organization, the experts in employee engagement measurement, have asked people from different generations what they want from their employers. Interestingly enough, the answers were pretty similar.

Across generations, the first 2 needs are consistent. Every generation, including Boomers and Gen X who grew up with the Command and Cohttps://www.cchangelearning.com/training-for-managers y that cares about their well-being.

What defines “Caring”?

If the pandemic has taught business anything, it’s that employees are human and, as such, bring that humanity into the workplace—especially if the workplace is their home. At a time like this, concerns about well-being come to the forefront. In fact, well-being was a top 3 issue for every generational cohort before Covid-19.

Employees are looking for organizations to satisfy