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This Woman. This Amazing Woman.

This woman. This amazing woman.

This woman has been with me all my life. I can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been there for me—to help me through, to lift me up, and, sometimes to let me wallow in my troubles or even beat me up a bit.

My relationship with this woman is complicated.

Right now, however, I love this woman!

These days this woman surprises me with what she knows, what she can do, and what she is not afraid to do. I’ve seen her confront what she does not know with courage, spirit, and a can-do attitude that I never knew she owned. I’ve seen her embrace challenges and step into the spotlight. I’ve seen her take the stage, and help others to do the same. This woman is amazing!

I look at her and wonder where this all came from, because it sure never used to be there. Or maybe it always has been there. Maybe I just never noticed it before.

And why is that? Is it because this is new to her? Is it because she was too shy, lazy, frightened, anxious, bored, or nonchalant to ever display it before? Or is it because I just never saw it before—never knew it existed?

Who is to blame for this never being visible before? Is it me who didn’t see? Or is it she who never shone this light? What does it matter?

What matters now is this woman is here, and she is wonderful. Resplendent in the light of her talents, she shines for all to see!

This wonderful woman is not young, yet she is vibrant. She is not a genius, yet she possesses the wisdom to help others. She is not an athlete, yet she endures. She is not an engineer, yet she solves problems that make others shake their heads and walk away. She is able to start a business, earn money, create solutions, satisfy customers, and mentor others. She is able to support her friends, play with her dogs, and love her family. She is able to run a house, run a business, run her social life, and go for a run. She speaks one-on-one, on panels, on stage, and on podcasts. She speaks the truth, she speaks up, she speaks for others, she speaks for herself, and she helps others speak for themselves.

This woman cares about what she does, she cares who she is, she cares who she’s with, she cares where she is, and she cares how she is.

This woman has values, and she values her values. Fairness is in her DNA, as is respect and connection. This woman can do it herself, but is best when she is doing things with and for others.

This woman believes in me, and I now believe in her.

This woman. This amazing woman.

Laura Sukorokoff is the Founder and People Maximizer at C-Change Learning and Development.

Laura is a firm believer in the power of women in the workplace. Reach out to her to help you unlock the potential of your team.

Image courtesy of freepik.

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