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The Very Best Holiday Gifts for Your Employees

It’s the holiday season. It’s a time for celebrating and for showing your appreciation for those who work with you.

Business leaders often wonder what they should give their employees. They purchase logoed items and gift cards and deliver them to those who work with them. And that’s great! However, there are some other gifts that will have longer term, and more meaningful impact, in the workplace.

Here, then, is a list of the best gifts to give your team members:

  • Your time—time for one-on-one conversation, getting to know each other, forming relationships

  • Your support—providing guidance and coaching when it's needed, and letting them know you have their backs

  • Your advocacy—promoting their ideas and helping them to further their professional development and careers

  • Your loyalty—being on their team, just as you expect them to be on yours

  • Your service—to your company, your boss, your employees, and your customers

  • Your compassion—provide understanding and kindness to your employees in times of stress

  • Your good examples—be a role model worthy of looking up to, and following

  • Your respect—for those who work for you, those you work for, and yourself

Giving these gifts now is a way to honour all your employees have done for you this year. Making these practices habits will ensure you are giving to your employees throughout the year to come.

Happy holidays from everyone at C-Change Learning and Development, and all the best in the new year!


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