One On One Conversations – Quantified and Compelling Reasons to Have Them

If you’ve heard me speak or have read my book, you’ll know I believe the one on one (1:1) conversation is the cornerstone of good management practice. Why? Because it’s in the 1:1 where you learn what makes your reports tick—what they love, what they are strong in, where they face challenges, and what concerns them.

It’s in the knowing of all these things that managers can create strategies that engage, inspire, and retain their employees. You may already be a fan of these conversations. If not, you sure should be. 1:1 meetings are the KEY to soft skills development and connection with your team. Need more convincing? This post will provide you with the evidence you need.

Before getting into the evidence, let’s look at what a 1:1 conversation is, and is not:

Is - A chance to build rapport, coach, give and gather feedback

Is Not - Solely about status reports

Is - Personal space where employees feel safe to share about issues which may be holding them back from doing their best work

Is Not - Public space where they are encouraged to only stick to work matters

Is - An opportunity to get help from managers to develop professional skills

Is Not - Going over task lists and sticking to the job at hand