Managers - What Are You Doing to SUPPORT Your People?

Big organizational changes are happening all the time. Our employees are expected to flex and adapt, remaining productive in the process. But this is NOT easy. Instead of feeling supported by their managers, there are a good many people feeling frustrated, lost, and disengaged.

Disengagement permeates organizations at all levels and in all departments. At any given time, approximately two thirds of North American employees are open to opportunities to leave their current organizations. The biggest reason for this? Their managers. According to Gallup, 50% of people who quit their jobs did so to get away from their boss. This is happening already and could get even worse as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to disrupt the way we work.

I tackle this subject in my upcoming book. In It’s Not Them, It’s You I address the need for developing managers, especially in the area of ‘soft skills’—those skills which aren’t soft at all but, rather, are crucial leadership skills. (I like to call them Power Skills!) With all the change happening and about to happen, employees will, more than ever, need the support of their managers, and that will take strong communication, coaching, and mentoring skills. Here is a quick excerpt from the book which highlights this concept of support:

Managers hold a position of power and influence, and we follow them because we want to. However, we don’t have to follow them if they’re not doing the job they should. When that happens, we leave them.

This isn’t really a surprise. People are looking to their work (and workplace) to fulfill four basic needs:

· Renewal (Physical)

· Value (Emotional)

· Focus (Mental)

· Purpose (Spiritual)

Let’s focus on only one of these our areas—Value. When an employee feels valued, appreciated, and supported at work, she’ll feel more secure and will have a deeper level of trust. As a result, she’ll feel far less like she has to defend her position and will have the freedom to create good work in that position.