Managers Are the Key to Employees' Feelings of Worth

Updated: Nov 4

Friendly recruitment manager interviewing young man in office boardroom by Jacob Lund Photography from

Put the person first, and the deadline last – Azure Antoinette

How people feel, at work, is important.

We see this all the time. Their feeling of worth is reflected in their productivity and work quality. It shows in their loyalty to their company and their willingness to refer others to work there. We see it in how they show up to work and how they collaborate with team members, and how they provide support to customers. How they feel at work (in the office or working remotely) makes a difference—to them, and to their company’s bottom line.

Right now, we’re going through what might very well be the most difficult time in many of our employees’ lives. The pandemic continues to take its toll, and no one is solid on what will happen in the future. For those people who crave certainty and stability, this is a mighty tough time. Managers are in the very best position to influence how work helps or makes worse these tough times. There is no better function to take action to help people in an organization feel engaged, motivated, healthy, and supported.

If you are a manager guiding a team, your real job is to help those who report to you achieve success. I know you’re bombarded by tasks which eat up your time each day. But remember, the #1 job you have is to help those who rely on you for coaching, support, and advocacy.