5 Big No-Nos for Hosting Virtual Meetings

It’s been quite an adjustment—moving all our meetings to virtual. One thing we’ve learned is online meetings can be just as boring as in-person meetings, and maybe even worse.

If you are someone who would like to hold meetings that mean something, that people will participate in, and that will be effective, then you’ll be glad to know these Virtual Meeting mine traps to avoid.

To help you avoid boring meeting purgatory, here are 5 No-Nos of Virtual Presentations:

1. Lack of Webinar Tech Savvy

The time to get to know how your webinar software works is before the meeting, not during. A day or two before your meeting (especially if it’s an important one), hold a practice session. Enlist the aid of a couple of coworkers and do a dry run. Try out the virtual conference features you think you might like to use and assess whether they will add to, or take away from, your presentation. Bells and whistles are only worth something if they add something.

2. Boring Slides

Ah, PowerPoint. It’s amazing how many people, even today, still don’t know how to make impactful slides. A large amount of words on a slide is a definite no-no. Even if you’re not reading everything off the slide, your audience will be. And since they’re reading, they won’t be listening to you.

Instead, use some strong images that get attention and relate to what you’re saying. Use colour in a way that highlights your message but doesn’t distract.

Here’s one done by Duarte. Granted, they are known for strong PowerPoint presentations, but we can all incorporate some of what they do into what we do. Clean, simple—this is a slide that looks g