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We believe in the need for Human Resources to have a spot at the executive table. Can you see yourself there?

Project 2030 will help you to navigate your future in HR, all the way to the executive boardroom! 

HR Leadership Training

Project 2030 is a joint presentation of C-Change Learning and E1B2 Collective

Our next cohort will begin Sept. 21, 2021

Project 2030

Navigating YOUR Future in HR

This program for aspiring HR leaders will outline a number of perspectives, activities, and actions to enable you to propel your career in Human Resources forward, all the way to the executive boardroom.

You may be surprised to learn that many people in HR don’t really know how they’re going to make their way into senior leadership roles—What do they need to know? Who do they need to know? This course seeks to change that.


The interactive, hands-on program will challenge you to:

  • Sharpen your competencies so you can “speak the language” of leadership, and map out people operations functions, goals, and metrics 

  • Find clarity in the type of HR leader YOU want to be

  • Consider the entire employee experience and the role of HR in it

  • Form the right team around you, to optimize operations and opportunities

  • Dig deep into streams of thought on topics like diversity and technology and how they connect with Human Resources

  • Present yourself as a leader with confidence and competence. Establish yourself as a thought leader, build a strategic network, and build behaviours that lead to opportunities

  • Define your personal career pathway to senior leadership

We believe in the need for Human Resources to have a spot at the executive table. Can you see yourself there? Our instructors and guests have all made the journey into senior leadership roles within Human Resources and will share what they’ve learned along the way.

Meet The Team

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Laura Sukorokoff

Founder and People Maximizer,

C-Change Learning and Development


Anthony Vaughan

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Founder, E1B2 Collective