C- Change Training and Coaching

The global business climate is facing a crisis of disengagement. 

People are not happy at work and want a new job.


The challenge for business is the true and undeniable cost of employee turnover - in the US alone, this amounts to $1 Trillion annually!   The chief cause of employee unhappiness and turnover is their manager.

Let Laura work with your team on People and Culture programs designed to improve relationships between leaders at all levels and those who report to them, prepare tomorrow's leaders for management challenges ahead, and streamline the communication process in the workplace. 


Interactive training to engage your learners and increase the transfer of knowledge. 

  • Leading with RESPECT

  • Effective Coaching Conversations
  • Customer Service Is Our Job
  • ​Communication: The Business Skill EVERYONE Needs


Explore issues that are top of mind for people in workplaces everywhere, and gain tools to excel in these areas.

  • It's Not Them, It's You: Why Employees "Break Up" With Their Managers and What to Do About It

  • ​Communication: The Business Skill EVERYONE Needs
  • I Have Something To Say​! Amplifying Your Voice and the Voices of Others. 

  • Standing Out, Even If You're Sitting Down


Individual coaching to ensure learning transfer and keeping you on track to achieve your goals!

Individual coaching sessions based on your pre-arranged schedule (in person or by phone or video-conferencing)

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